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The Divine Masculine & the Divine Feminine

Scribed by Gregga J. Johnn


I promise to tell a wonderful story, right after clarifying a couple of truths. For I am not the kind of Oracle Priestess who only tells deep, allegorical mysteries then leaves you wondering wtf they mean. I will reveal the meaning as I am guided, and you may take from that meaning or expand it as you wish. I AM loves you. If you prefer, you can skip to the “fun-story” part at the end; look of these ***.

I was raised in a traditional Christian religion. This provided many beneficial practices for understanding self-discipline, as do many religious practices. Under this predominantly patriarchal formula, I was taught that men and women are different, of equal value, yet with different roles. This is absolute truth… well, as far as the Feminine & Masculine having different roles, that is.

Yet, being feminine and masculine does not equate to purely female and male bodies. In fact, the human body and this physical world is only the “sandbox” playground for our souls to learn the deeper mysteries of life through tangible lessons. Jesus, himself, taught Nicodemus that the physical isn’t how to understand the spirit, but rather the spirit teaches us to understand the physical. Always does wisdom come from above to us here below for the purpose of unity; as above so below, on earth as in heaven.

Yet, many Christians stumble by leaving Divine lessons in the primary (immediate physical application) stage of understanding, instead of growing into the next grade of that lesson. As Christ paid the debt for our captivity (in the negative “sin” forces of fear, hatred, oppression, and greed) we now have full access and authority through Christ (incarnate love’s consciousness) to become ONE with Divine Presence, (who is the Source of all the positive “grace” forces: Love, joy, peace, patience, etc.). We are created in Christ as a new creation! That is Amazing Grace. Therefore, let us not spend our existence staying to wallow or even only worship beneath the cross. Accept and give thanks for this gift of righteous authority and move on into being One, co-creator with The Creation Source! Worship and Serve Elohim Creator by playing, manifesting, generating, and maintaining much Life in this chaotic and death infected world.

With this understanding we may better understand the different roles of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. Before telling the story, I want to remind you that each of us holds a balancing power of both masculine & feminine in our soul, no matter what genitals we have. Most souls, (in their physical manifestation), lean more toward one side of this spiraled masculine-feminine (MF) spectrum, and often this aligns with their genitals. But, be not fooled into thinking that what is right and best for you, is automatically right and best for any other soul. This has nothing to do with what is between a body’s legs. Please keep your mind out of the pants of those who have not invited you into that place.

Jesus came to a culture in a world time that was already deeply entrenched in patriarchy and the practice of hierarchical control. Therefore, as Divine Love comes to us where we are, He spoke lessons to us in that time, in a way that we could understand. Let us claim the Grace of those lessons and move forward in them, away from mere practical application, into deeper understanding, (yet do so without distorting, twisting, or being deceived by the lower negative frequencies of fear, hatred, oppression and greed.)


I can tell you what they are not! They are not a man being over a woman because she is less in any way, be that in strength or value. Nor are they a feminine over a masculine because they think they are the more spiritual one. These distortion lies are from the pit of hell. Yet, so many preachers and activists cling to this idea in order to maintain hierarchical pride.

That needs to stop. The masculine may be the first point of contact for a household, he may be the doorway guard for the sanctuary of his home, but that does not mean he is the only “head,” nor that he has a higher rank over the feminine. It also doesn’t mean that while a feminine has a default connection to the hidden mysteries of life, that she is automatically of higher power in spiritual matters. And remember, the masculine spirit energies may be riding in the vehicle of a human female body, or vice versa.

(Forgive my personal ego’s want to stamp the end of that statement with expletive emphasis. That would be my own energy’s masculine ego writhing under the oppression I have been afflicted with all my life as a female. I release my attachment to the NEED to be autonomous over my own self, and simply rest in the fact that I AM autonomous and fully accept my value. In that, I have no need to prove or force another to know my value. I know my value and I treat myself accordingly. Those who do not treat me in alignment with my intrinsic value, I bless, then pay no heed to, and carry on in my own journey of inner peace.)

What the Roles are is a different focus and perspective. As “proof” of this, let’s look at the allegory of the genitals, as this physical world is the tangible example of a deeper understanding.

  • In their purity, the masculine is outward focused, either relaxed and freely hanging or pointed and penetrating. The main masculine role is to guard and protect the outward expression of his personal inner home sanctuary.
  • In their purity, the feminine is inward focused, nurturing and healing, generating life. The main feminine role is to guard and nurture the “home fires” within, growing, caring for, and guiding that growth for Life.
  • The main masculine connection and focus is horizontal in all directions.
  • The main feminine connection and focus is vertical in all directions.

REMEMBER, I am not talking about the roles of men and women here! Most souls are a combination of masculine and feminine. The “sin” of homosexuality is not about two bodies of the same sex being together, (again, get your focus out of the pants of others where you have not been invited).

The negative force of the spirit of homosexuality

is about the exclusion of one side of the MF spectrum

over an oppressive imbalance of the other side.

The spiritual practice of being only masculine or only feminine is a detriment to balance and Balance is the best practice for living. Therefore, the controlling efforts of a patriarchal mindset that seeks to oppress and exclude women from equal balancing power and value: that is the sin of homosexuality. (And, really, when have you ever known an LGBQT couple to not have both a masculine & feminine inclined soul, no matter what bodies hold these energies?)

It’s not about the genitals, folks. The genitals are on our bodies for three reasons:

  • To teach us the allegory of spiritual and soul application, so we may understand that we are not bound to only the physical world. There is more, so much more in this life.
    • We may rise above and separate ourselves from the physical, to gain strength and resilience in the soul (mind, will, emotions) and spirit.
    • Ask any marine or navy seal. They undergo severe physical duress in training to learn how to separate themselves from their singular physical needs, so they may continue in super-human power under pressure, as a combined unit (or war machine).
    • Imagine if you could learn this lesson without having to become a cog in a war machine?
    • That is what meditation and spiritual discipline is all about.
  • To give us the ability to channel divine power in the pleasure and release of sacred energies.
    • You may share these sacred, sexual energies with another body, or you may enjoy them on your own. It is your body after all. Love and hold your body as precious.
    • If you realized how treasured and valuable you truly are, you might be less inclined to cast your pearls around the trampling swine in a vain effort to find someone who recognizes your value.
    • You need to know and recognize your value, yourself. You find your own value by digging within and unearthing your treasures like an archaeologist and treasure hunter.
    • We have all been around this earth long enough to end up with baggage from our ancestors (bloodline, soul-ties, and kindred spirits). You will need to dig through that crap and wash it away.
    • Your family jewels and secret gardens are more valuable than you may realize. Start treating them as such. If you aren’t willing to share your online password access to your money values with another soul, then perhaps you shouldn’t be sharing your sacred, sexual energies with them either. (She says preaching to the mirror.)
  • Finally, our genitals are for procreation to continue our species in human bodies.
    • Then we may continue the lessons of the greater collective of hUmaNITY, and advance into the wondrous evolution that is often envisioned in science fiction as we learn to develop such stories into science fact.
    • We’ve already learned to turn much of the ancient magic of fantasy into modern technology. May we not stop there!
    • Let us continue as One Race to rise above and teach the next generations all that we have learned from our past and present, so we may create a better future together.

The Warning of inner imbalance is seen as the physical always shows us a deeper spiritual lesson:

  • Too much unbalanced masculine energy (in the negative forces of fear, hatred, oppression, and greed) is seen in the allegorical example of a raging band of raping and pillaging soldiers.
  • Too much unbalanced feminine energy (in the negative forces of fear, hatred, oppression, and greed) is seen in the allegorical example of a volatile hen house where people peck at each other, stabbing in the back, poisoning enemies, and eating each other alive (like worm-tongued politicians).
  • That’s the ugly side of distortion where any soul may go, be they male or female.

Yet! When we choose and determine to practice expressing the pure Love of Light through our souls, be that through a masculine or feminine filter, we get a beautiful image of Love, Healing, and Abundance.

*** LET ME TELL YOU A STORY…. [click to be redirected to the Allegory Story post]