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by Gregga J. Johnn

An eternal war between Dark and Light rages in every soul. Yet, the places where darkness leaks in are often shadowed and hidden from sight. Only the Light of Love powered by the Electricity of Joy may reveal that which hides in the night, to heal the hurt that festers there. So, when you’re down and haunted by darkness, purpose to spend some time in the sun and have a little shenanigan fun!

A Summer of Barbaric Shenanigans is the record of that one summer when the Oracle of Atlantis disguised her work as one-who-stays-back-the-night and traveled around with some rock bands in the wild lands of Kentari as an artist named Filly. And shenanigans happened.

Who says chaos isn’t Grace?


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A Summer of Barbaric Shenanigans book cover


Although some characters represent individual realities, all characters are an amalgamation of ideas. And though they steal from real life, they are manifested personas, not from this physical realm.

I am grateful to several individuals whose lives were the muse-seedlings of this tale. Although each Character in this story is fictional and fully functional as such, they began as an idea born in reality.

Do enjoy the magical fantasy of this tale, and hold the Truth in your heart that the scribe Filly declares in her office as Oracle,

“Life, Love, and Liberty are what you make of them, so, continue, continue, continue…”



This is my 14th book to be self-published since November 2014.

WHO WANTS TO DREAM FURTHER WITH ME in a sequel to this story? I have a proposal called, “The Camino Tales,” that I am looking for partners to join with in creating another wonderful adventure.

A brief overview: I seek adventure in a physical pilgrimage journey while writing a fictional novel based upon that reality. It will highlight the need for soul and spiritual healing among active military, veterans, and those who are warrior souls that have been on the front lines of war in their own hearts.

Your support and encouragement of this venture is most welcome; whether that be financially, promotionally, or by suggesting Pilgrims applicants, or in your personal attendance as part of The Camino Tales (once this adventure is a go).


Proposal: Thirty people will take a 70-day trek from their home, to walk “The Way” Camino de Santiago, then return home, again.

This “Pilgrimage of Compostela,” known in English as, “The Way of Saint James,” (commonly traveled from the south of France, along the northern Spanish cost, to the shrine of the apostle Saint James in the Cathedral at Santiago de Compostella, and then on to the western coast of Spain), has been followed by many pilgrims, for the past 1000 years. It is featured in the movie, The Way, starring Martin Sheen, directed by his son, Emilio Esteves.

Reason: Each pilgrim’s reason will be personal, though the overarching reason will be for the pursuit and working out of healing: body, soul, and spirit.

This Scribe’s reason [Gregga J. Johnn]: to create a Tale that tells the story of real-life events, translated into the Fantasy/Sci-Fi Trevel story-verse; along with pictures, paintings, and other artworks. As scribe, she will record both the adventure in whole, as well as interviewing and recording individual stories from each of the pilgrims, interspersed throughout the whole tale, as per their permission.

Veteran Spotlight: In this modern century of warfare and the internet, the reality of horrors that war inflicts upon a soldier’s body and soul are prevalent; featuring prominently in news and entertainment.

It is my hope, to shift the focus from the events of war, onto the moments of healing needed to recover from such. My heart desires to bring healing grace to brave souls who gave so much, where some gave all.

Therefore, there will be an invitation given to a dozen veterans, with both visible and invisible wounds, to take this journey for their own restoration. The other eighteen pilgrims will make up the administrative and support teams (also consisting of some veterans and professionals) needed to make this adventure as significant and secure as possible (not necessarily safe, yet as secure as it may be in this dark and dangerous world).

INSPIRATION: Inspiration is drawn from that great scribe of centuries ago. Geoffrey Chaucer wrote, The Canterbury Tales, presented as a storytelling contest by a group of (29 + Chaucer) pilgrims as they traveled from London to Canterbury to visit the shrine of Saint Thomas Becket at the Canterbury Cathedral. [Wikipedia source, although this is common knowledge].

I am not so vain as to think my work may be compared to this great master’s. Yet, I am ambitious enough to draw inspiration from the idea.

I have written several of my books directly from real life events, that I then translated into a Fantastical re-telling. I’m finding my Voice as a writer and artist is developing in this style. This, my latest novel, A Summer of Barbaric Shenanigans, is taken from my summer of 2016+, as I attended and followed a few favored rock bands around to concerts and festivals, taking part in my own directing of a children’s musical stage production as well.

I DREAM BIG AND WITH GREAT AMBITION to see The Camion Tales become the sequel to this novel, A Summer of Barbaric Shenanigans. So, please read this story and look to generate the interest needed to get the sequel up and running. Thank you!!!

For more information on this and any of the projects and adventures I’m generation, please check out my website and contact Gregga J. Johnn & Story-in-the-Wings.